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I’ll get “the old” over with quick, lest any invitations for JF/OMW* be extended. These be the scenes I woke up to Thursday (?) last. Yuck.

Luckily (not yuckily), dear friends G and D came to visit for the weekend, which was similarly raw — yet only rainy– and we passed most of the days indoors, and candlepin bowling (a true North East experience), and eating.  We did, however, get a few nice walks in, and moved compost into the tomato hoophouse, and laid plastic in there (though not w/out me forgetting to first lay drip-tape-doh!)It’s a good thing these two are so camera-shy, for if the general public knew their visages responsible for the fantastic ravioli they  make, they’d never be left for a moment alone! It was wonderful to have them at the farm. I only wish they would live closer by.


On to “the New”.  As in Spring.


A “first anniversary” bouquet crafted for 1-year married G and D:  daffodils, forsythia, maple sprigs, love-grass, last season’s dried celosia and a few milkweed pods. in this way, it’s fun to work with the old and the new.

*Jack Frost/Old Man Winter


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My first batch of chickens has arrived! I picked up twenty odd, lovely ladies from the West Lebanon Feed and Supply store last Saturday, and they’ve spent the week settling in. After being raised for 17 weeks in a hatchery, they’re now able to figure out what it really means to be free-range chickens. Scratching, food running, pecking, flapping, squaking. They’re fun to watch. AND a few are already laying. Enough for an egg sandwich at lunch here and there. In the next few weeks I anticipate they will all come into their egg-laying era.  They’re a great, appropriate addition to the small-farm system: insect control, fertilization, egg-production, and entertainment!

Early April sightings include Forsythia, Bluebirds, Cardinals, Bloodroot in bloom, Ticks a-plenty, apples and peaches beginning to leaf out. Nights slept with windows open, shadecloth in use on the greenhouse some days, hot winds gusting, everything greening.  Peas to go in to the soil soon; potato patch prepped.

All things considered, it’s been a quick swing into spring. One can only hope that all this movement and growth won’t be stunted or halted by a mid/late month coldsnap. Keep the warmth coming. I like spring in April!


Hoophouse one is up, plastic is acceptably tight for its fourth season, thanks to the assistance of my dad and friend Eric.  Hoophouse two will be more laborious, since its spring readying includes a full reconstruct (thanks A LOT, november wind-storm…), but do-able.

Oh, and here is my first sunburn of the year. Make that my only sunburn of the year. Ooops.

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