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Since one of the two mountains that this farm gets its name from is Mt. Kearsarge, you bet I consider myself to be in the Kearsarge Area!   Two Mountain Farm will be at the Farmers’ Markets on Thursday the 16th and Saturday the 18th.   Hope to meet you there!

For more information about this great eat local week, go to www.warner.lib.nh.us


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Farm Day

Our Farm Day celebration  on Sunday August 15 was a success! Probably because we got a circus tent.

Preparations started with some cooking, including the baking of this monster loaf of bread (as big as my torso, remarked one!) Tables hauled and set, and decorated with flowers-what else!? Poe  dog was really tuckered out from all the work. Next year I’ll  shorten his to-do list.


Folks began arriving mid-afternoon, and the fun began! With adults, it’s all about relaxation and good conversation, preferably in comfortable chairs. For the ‘youth’, it’s about stilts,  giant bubbles, and swinging on the hammock and playing tag and generally romping around barefoot.


Some adults stretched the boundaries, by constructing a scarecrow, or playing music!

After the farm tour was held (see the excruciating details on the video posted on Two Mountain Farm’s facebook page), everyone got down to feasting. I think there were over 60 people that gathered to celebrate Two Mountain Farm’s  5th growing season!  It was so great to have so many customers, friends, CSA members, and neighbors join in the festivities!

Aside from that bag of doritoes (ahem!), the spread of potluck dishes was downright phenomenal. I was so busy eating (three trips!) that I didn’t take any photos of the sit-down meal, where all chatted and got good and full.


This great foursome is in the midst of some serious grubbing.

After supper, some went home and some stayed to enjoy the evening, and the music. 


After it all, I was left with a good bit of clean up, and some wonderful garden scare-crows:



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Finally today, some meaningful rain…multiple hours of it, slow and steady. Good timing, too, because it’s a Sunday and there’s nothing like a day ‘off’ coupled with relaxing, calming, slow-you down, cozifying (new word) rain and a low, grey cloud ceiling. I was thinking this morning, as I put up these wonderful peaches for the freezer, where did August go???

And what was August like, anyway, since I’ve been so absent from this farming blog (almost a month, really….sorry!)? Well, aside from being really nice and summery, complete with awesome sunsets which, when making bouquets in the barn at 830 on a Friday night, are really great to step outside to, August was a lot of water anxiety.

 [subtext: the remaining and original post, which took me about 30 minutes to write, just got *poofed* away by the mysterious internet-connections fairy (GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR), so here is the abreviated version:

Dug Well = Dry . No Water. Haul it in trailer. Hand water. Fun.

Dry.  Planning for future water security = dig artesian well, maybe this fall or next spring.  Successions not taking, like this slow cover crop:

Things wilting. Dying. Dust. Chickens in Dust:


Lay eggs despite dust. Cool birds.  Even second rooster, Auracana discovered. Kee ker e kee ! = awkward chicken + puberty.

Below: not slip–n-slide;  prep for more things, raspberries or strawberries not sure

Tomatoes this year: YAY. wish i had planted some varieties in succession, they are so prolific. Lunches have been enjoyable. homemade bread + mayo + heirloom tomato = happy.

peppers funny = heat stress in early july = no blossom/fruit set on upper half of  very vigorous plants. just NOW putting new flowers out, they won’t get very far, esp if my hunch about fall and the other f word (for farmers/gardeners) is right…)

potatoes awful due to lack of consistant water, and potato bugs. everything else, decent.


Flowers always decent, especially in simple summary of buckets in cart, better than finished bouquets or in vase, I think.  And to bookend, another lovely august evening sky. oh august!


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Billy Collins, I think of You

The clouds, and weather in general lately, have been amazing. Here’s a sample:

This is the new location for Wednesday Market. It’s a community space in the front part of the Gross Family’s barn and workshop.  It allows me to set up most of my stuff inside, in the shade, which is just awesome. Also comes in handy when it rains.  Overflow things go outdoors, and there are other vendors, like Huntoon Farm’s dangerously delicious baked goods, Cardigan SoapWorks products, and crafts from the Cilleyville Crafters Co-op.

Wednesday is also when CSA folks pick up their bounty. This was last week (Thanks J for modeling!!):

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To Market, To Market


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Old Brown Shoe

A few day’s ago, at work’s end,  I cranked my shoe off (sidenote: I’ve really taken to wearing and working in leather shoes.  Durable, water-shedding, dust-proof (in contrast to sneakers that let it all through), pliable, nice.  This pair happens to be my old paddock boots of horseback-riding years, and I still use them for those blissful once-a-week rides, but I wear them in the vegetable patch now, too. They are reminiscent of this style of old-fashion boot, and I get to imagine what it was like to walk around with buffed leather and petticoats [side-sidenote: C.S. lets go garden-dress thrifting sometime real soon :]. I need to find another pair, because these are quite narrow, and are starting to split. My mind moves to cowboy boots, too…) while on the porch and it skittered over the edge and thumped into a rhubarb plant, immediately obscured by the elephantesc (?sp) leaves. In my exhaustion I told myself, “oof, I’ll get it when I lock up the chickens later tonight”.  Well, I forgot to retrieve the shoe and only remembered it yesterday when it had been raining steadily for a long while.  This morning I set it out optimistically to dry, only to clomp up the stairs later (in tyler’s boots, size 13.5, because my rainboots still have holes in them…) and see the drizzle soaking in once more. 

Kinda felt like that old shoe today: soggy, a bit work-weary, brown, details wanting attention (torn laces, scuffs, etc), old, stuck in the timeless (blah, foggy, rainy) day. Really just wanted to come inside and eat chips.

But there were 20 chickens to be picked up at 730, and so that happened, and now they’re here and beginning to get settled (Yeah Molly! Thanks for crafting the chicken tractor!). 

And more stuff had to be planted to the fields (can’t even differentiate it all now, this greenmatter: stuff: flowers, cucumbers, who knows…). This time of year is misleading in the garden: it all feels rather orderly and under control. With nothing yet lost to weeds and no crops ailing, everything looks pretty optimistic.

Then I futzed around the hoophouse, wherein the cherry tomatoes are beginning to ripen, and flowers are starting to bloom.


Directly outside, Poe hunted for the vole (who happens to like kohlrabi) while I “enjoyed” a bit of ‘frivolous weekend gardening’ by planting leftover flowers by the hoophouse doors. 


In my planting, I was accompanied by ‘Hoodini’, a notoriously independant hen who seems to like it away from her clan and outside the confines of the fence. She’s a great grubber. Poe licks his chops whenever they are within 10 feet of each other, but generally does a good job of leaving her alone.  All together, we ooed and ahhed at the lovelyIris just now coming into bloom


Then I took pictures of all this nonsense.

Now this farmerette is going to bed. Yay saturday night.

PS: If any New Englanders knows of one these type trucks (flatbed, racktruck, 3/4 ton, not a rustbucket) up for sale, do tell me! It’s at the top of the farm’s wishlist….sigh….

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May Photo Parade

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