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Better BLTs

Just about a month ago, the school garden looked like this:


On May 10, the garden was planted with the first round of lettuce, radishes, peas, chard, kale, and carrots. Leading the AEMS students in planting, below,  is Proctor Senior Molly, who assisted me with the project that day and continued to work on the farm for her senior project.

Now, the garden looks like this:


And while it may look like some deer got lucky and browsed on the lettuce in the bed above, it’s really because that lettuce got harvested and used on BLT sandwiches (yum!!) in a school lunch last week.  They’ve also used chard and kale for a meal. It’s great to have such fast turn-around on the garden, and to know that it’s benefiting the students directly. 

The Garden will continue to be planted with successions of crops throughout the summer, ensuring that upon school’s return in the fall, there will be produce to use in the cafeteria then, too!


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Here are the raised beds all filled with garden loam (thanks Dirt Doctors!)  and composted manure (thanks Springledge Farm!).   The finished beds represent the efforts of a group of Proctor Students doing an Earth Day stewardship workshop at the beginning of the week—couldn’t have done it without their shoveling powers!

Now we’re ready to plant.  Part of the planting will happen at S.H.A.R.E (see how the arts reach everyone) day next monday, when I run two ‘gardening’ workshops for AEMS students.  We’ll plant peas, chard, kale, lettuce as well as some edible flowers. Check back in next week for photos of that event!

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…soil will come.

The first of the month, May Day, was celebrated in with its nod to the labour movements as the Andover Elementary/Middle School Garden was launched into physical existance with a work party!  MANY THANKS TO THOSE WHO SHOWED UP TO LEND A HAND!

 I wish I had more pictures, but I was too busy scuttling around from task to task and  from person to person, making sure that jobs were completed and enough lemonade and muffins were consumed to sustain the workers.  A few more than 15 helpful folks turned out for the project, and in a little under two hours we had created 6 raised beds, complete with plastic wood-lining (to slow the rotting/deterioration process), stabilizing edge-stakes, and a pickety-type fence to accent the garden space.

It’s always a gambel trying to host a ‘community service’ oriented weekend event, especially at the tail end of school vacation.  I even went so far as to place a casual bet with a fellow worker as to what the total number of volunteers would be for the morning. Always the pessemist, I said “4”.  My competition countered, “10”. Thankfully, we were both wrong (I was wronger): we had families, teachers, garden enthusiasts, and even certain members of the press.


Look at the progress!!

The raised beds are now ready to be filled with soil and composted manure, which will happen on Monday. More pictures to follow!

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Saturday May 1st at the Andover Elementary/Middle School–Check out the WorkPartyFlyer to find out more details!

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It’s almost spring cleaning time!  That means your garden sheds and garages, too!  While you are sorting and organizing, see if you have any extra garden tools and supplies:  hand tools, hoses, gloves, seeds, bagged potting soil, pots, stakes, wheelbarrows, twine, buckets, organic fertilizers, etc.

The garden at AEMS is in need of your donations! Bring any second-hand or extra supplies or tools to the


There will be a School Garden Information Table and Donation Drop Box in the foyer of the School Gym.  THANK YOU!!!!

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